[TowerTalk] Foundation Bolts

Wilson Lamb infomet at embarqmail.com
Sat Jul 22 11:12:22 EDT 2017

I'd bet at least 50 cents that the nuts below the template will push if off the top. 
If not, get a longer wrench. 
Be sure you get a really tight fitting wrench, to avoid rounding the nuts. 
Lube the threads liberally, from above. 
Greased threads are more powerful. 
I saw a web reference that saw max thread power increase with antisieze, instead of grease, so I might try thinning the antisieze, if you can find the right solvent. 
That's to get started, of course. As you go up, you can get to the threads and slather on the goo. Max force will be needed at the top, of course. 
You'll be going up on the two bad ones at the same time, I suppose, unless the plate bends easily. 

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