[TowerTalk] Adjustment to Tower Base

Al Kozakiewicz akozak at hourglass.com
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Structural bolts are hardened by heat treating. Hardened bolts can crack or break if you try to bend them. You can avoid that possibility by heating, but then that will undo the heat treatment and weaken the bolt.

The best advice you got was to leave the bolts alone and take a die grinder to the base mounting holes. I can't think of a downside or risk to doing that.


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No one has mentioned the ugly possibility of cracking the concrete by pushing on the bolts .....It has almost no tensile strength.
Rather than bend the bolts, you might consider the possibility of using the hydraulics idea.
If you made saddles to bear against the lower nuts, you could jack after getting the template off.
So run the lower nuts down to leave an inch or two of thread on top.
Jack away until the bolts are in position and then set the tower down on the exposed thread, against the nuts, if you like, and then back off the jack.
I'm sure the tower is heavy enough to slide down, once started.
Obviously you want to jack as high as possible, to get max flexibility of bolts.
The cylinder need not be the full length across the base.  You could use any sort of jack and build out with pipe, I beam, etc.
Are you sure the error is all in the line between the bolts, which this idea assumes?
If not, the bolts may need bending in different directions.  Otherwise the other locations could go off.
My last idea...Could you find a big tapered reamer, larger than the bolts?
If so, and if it has a fairly gentle taper, you might be able to make the holes conical, so as to start them enough to allow the tower to squeeze down.
I know this is a stretch...
I wish one of our real engineers would post an estimate of the force needed to get the required deflection.

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