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I've had quite a bit of experience with stacked 40s.  170/85, 200/100, 150/80, 200/90.  All were M2 4 elements.  I can tell you the bottom one on all of them added to the performance.  First, it made the signal when in BIP better than just the top.  Second, when it BOP position it was almost always was better than just the top or bottom.  Guest ops confirmed this.  When the band was in transition around sunset, I could hear two different "bands".  When switching to BOP I could hear closer stations like G, F, EA etc. much better  However, when put into BIP mode a few seconds later I could hear the longer haul stuff like UB, UA, LZ much better.  Finally, the ability to fight QSB is a well known factor in favor of stacks.

For the guy who just works USA the 40 stacks would be useless unless he was a corner of the US like FL.  The 40 meter stacks I used in FL were extremely useful in domestic contests.  BOP for close in (east of the Mississippi), BIP for longer stuff like W6/W7.  In addition, it allowed me to spray the signal...lower one to NE, and upper one to the NW when I chose to TOP/ BOTTOM option.

Anyone who has the resources (tower, $$) is missing a great opportunity to improve his station.  If the county allowed me to put up a bigger tower out here, you can bet I'd have a 120/60 or maybe even a 140/70.


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ah - sorry indeed BOP recommendation would be for 20 and above. From what I 
understand stacking of 40's ... unless REALLY high and separated, doesn?t 
provide much other than the ability to change directions - one antenna one 
way - the other another... at least when trying to 'stack' say 2 element 
yagis at less than 150' top ... the bottom one doesn't provide a great deal. 
Again: from what I've read - I've never had a stack on 40. No experience 



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