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     When I was working on a cellular project in Haiti in the early 2000's,
we installed a totally passive repeater system to improve coverage for the
President's palace to tide us over while we worked to build a cell site for
the purpose.  The passive system had a Yagi mounted on a wooden pole and
pointed at the closest "donor" cell*.  The Yagi's coax feed then went to an
omni antenna a few feet below the Yagi and behind it (in the Yagi's pattern
null.)  Apparently this combo worked well enough that we had time to build a
full minicell for the area and had no further complaints from Mr. Aristide's

     You need to realize that these active repeaters are illegal in the US
and Canada unless provided by the carrier and operated under auspices of
their licenses.  

     * "Donor" because the carrier's main cell actually "donated" some of
its capacity to the area served by this passive repeater.  

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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Hi TTers,

Does anyone have experience with systems purporting to boost access to weak
cell towers?

Where our cottage is located, our cell coverage often arrives from the other
side of Lake Winnipeg, about 25 miles away. In summer, one bar on the
phone's "s-meter" is the most we can hope for. Data moves at a glacial pace.

I've found online systems comprising an outdoor yagi, an amplifier and an
indoor panel antenna said to serve as a sort-of repeater to offer stronger
reception and improved data rates.

Do these work?

73, kelly, ve4xt 

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