[TowerTalk] Help Request: Motorized Telescoping tower needs new bearing for 4 groove pulley.

Charles Gallo charlie at thegallos.com
Fri Jul 28 10:58:03 EDT 2017

> US Tower model TX-455 MDP (motorized with positive pull-down) uses a 4
> groove pulley with the number 3V315SH stamped on it.  The bearing is
> broken.  What do you suggest?  Is the complete part available?  Can I take
> it to some shop and get a new bearing put in?
> Scotty W7SW

A local machine shop (Job shop type, not production machining) can change
bearings easily, or find someone who does it for a hobby (hey, they are
really small job shop machine shops).  However, don't be shocked if it
costs more than a new pulley.  Figure shop rates of $45/hr and UP, with a
minimum of an hour, plus parts. (the guy with a garage shop might do it
for less)

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