[TowerTalk] Rohn U-bolts

Steve Maki lists at oakcom.org
Fri Jul 28 21:11:10 EDT 2017

I've been pleasantly surprised by Grainger's in-stock galvanized bolt & 
u-bolt selection. I recently needed *square* 4" opening u-bolts. These 
are available everywhere in smaller sizes at trailer supply places, but 
if you need some 4" ones, Grainger is the place, and at a great price.

-Steve K8LX

On 7/28/2017 17:51 PM, Zivney, Terry wrote:

> I needed some replacement u-bolts for my Rohn 45 rotor shelf,
> as I had misplaced the original ones  while the shelf was in
> storage the past 10 years.  These are the Rohn JR51A, which Hill
> Radio shows a price of $3.70 each.  I needed them quickly,
> so found that I could get similar, hot-dipped galvanized made-in-USA
> u-bolts in one day from Grainger. These are 5/16 inch by 1 1/2 inch
> opening and 2 5/8 inch, just like the original Rohn.
> Grainger item 20W491 cost $20.69 for a set of 10 u-bolts and nuts. As
> soon as I got back home today with the new u-bolts, I found
> the original ones, with a delicious chocolate patina (20 years old).
> BTW, u-bolts that fit the legs for making stand-offs and sidearms,
> only need a 1 3/8" opening, and can be obtained (Chinese version)
> from Grainger 31KF67 10 for $8.15 (including nuts) for the hot-dipped
> galvanized items, cheaper than the plated ones from your local
> hardware store. I have used 30 so far and am happy with them.
> Terry N4TZ

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