[TowerTalk] Fiberglass life expectancy

Wes Stewart wes_n7ws at triconet.org
Sun Jul 30 01:41:43 EDT 2017

I was thinking about building an LPD antenna and purchased some Strongwell 2" 
square fiberglass tubing about 7 years ago.  I never finished the project and 
the tubing has been kicking around the yard in the AZ sun since then.  I see no 
signs of degradation and it had no treatment whatsoever.

Contrast that to the fiberglass military mast sections that turn to hazardous 
waste in a year or so.

Wes  N7WS

On 7/28/2017 6:27 PM, Rudy Bakalov via TowerTalk wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Does anyone have first hand experience to share? What can I expect from primed and painted UV resistant fiberglass?
> Thanks!
> Rudy N2WQ
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