[TowerTalk] Wire Antenna Help Needed

Phil Coley dxingman at bellsouth.net
Sat Mar 25 23:35:33 EDT 2017

 Hi Steve:
In reply to your question asking for response on a "good multi-band antenna.....not stellar performer...alreadyassembled..." I would like to give you my input.
First of all, I've been a ham for 58 years; used ALL types of antennas (large & small) from all manufacturers,  built my own...you name it. I've had those I'd rate from "average" to "excellent" in performance.
A few years back, due to age and health issues, we downsized to a smaller home. I sold all my big gear, antennas,amps, etc. About a year ago, I decided to get back on the air.  I purchased a mid-level 100 watt rig and thentried to decide on a "simple wire antenna" to use. I have plenty of tall trees to help with the support. I put a poston here asking for info on a G5RV vs OCF antenna  I got shot down on how bad they were. I have never usedeither and wasn't asking for a game changer. Like you, just some experiences...not all the technical data.
I purchased one (yep! I didn't want to build it guys!)  from MyAntennas.com and have been VERY pleased with theantenna design/quality.. I would never have considered an end fed wire antenna in the past, but I bought one. GASP!!I know some will say "they are very poor antennas, sky warmers, etc".  But, like you, I wanted something to geton the airways. I got the EFHW-8010KW model  Being a big DX chaser (378 countries and at one time "Top of theHonor Roll",  DXCC on 8 bands with 275+ countries on each),  I must say I have been pleased with the results!I put it up in a inverted "L" config with the feed matching unit (Un-un) mounted 12' off the ground on a wood mastgoing up 50' to a tree limb. The remaining length of the 130' of wire goes out horizontally to another tree at 50'.I use about 50' of BuryFlex coax to my rig. I connected 10 various length radials to the ground rod at the baseof the pole that is connected to the matching unit.  For any interested, I put a review on eham.net for this antennaand I believe QST had a positive review of it about a year ago.
Not expecting much, I have been pleasantly surprised. It's not a barn burner, but I get through the pileups. Since Iput it up for example, I have worked 151 countries on 30 meters (confirmed 122 on LoTW). I've worked stations on many bands that surprised me.  I have even added some new "band countries" on some of the bands.  I considerthat pretty good considering band conditions are the worst I can remember in decades.  I've been amazed that I evenget through some of the pileups such as to A45XR on 80 meters a few weeks back (with less than 100 watts).
I know I'll get negative comments on this antenna (I could care less on all the tech junk or opinions) but this is myresponse to your question. This antenna works GREAT for me at my location/installation!  I'm sure one would probablymeet the needs you were asking about.. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it!  ;-)
73 Phil K4MPE

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