[TowerTalk] HyGain Antenna Quality control issues: Let's Put MFJ in Perspective

N4IJ . dougn4ij at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 16:06:17 EDT 2018

When I bought the HyGain LJ203, I was buying  HyGain antenna (I thought),
and they have always been known for mechanically well built antennas.  The
only reason I bought rather than built is because after you have purchased
and shipped aluminum parts for an antenna you could have bought a
commercial version. Also, there are not too many 20m monobander antennas on
short booms available.

A few missing holes is not an issue really, but the big plus for HyGain has
always been the swaged tubing. When you can't fit a piece of tubing over
another because the swage was not made small enough, that is a pretty big

I would guess there is a mechanic there cutting aluminum and making swages,
then the pieces get put together in a box and nobody checked to see what
the customer was getting.

I don't care if MFJ is involved or not - I just wanted a decent HyGain
antenna.  Can you imagine buying one of their tribanders and have a couple
of bad traps right off the bat ?

Doug N4IJ

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