[TowerTalk] Insurance for my tower??

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Tue Apr 3 14:56:48 EDT 2018

You can increase your home owner's accessory structure insured amounts.
$50k for a 20 year old 72' crankup seems excessive.

John KK9A

Dick Blumenstein WroteL

I have just completed a tower build which took me a good part of a year
to do.

Last October a rare tornado came through the area and devastated a lot
of homes, trees and property. I started wondering if my house insurance
would have covered the tower and antennas if it was up at that time. I
found out.... mostly not; i.e. Actual Cash Value (ACV) not Replacement
Cost, and then only up to 10% of my house insurance limit. They also
couldn't tell me exactly how an adjuster would calculate the ACV.

The 72' US Tower I bought and installed was in fairly good shape and
about 20 years old. I realized that one of the scenarios in a downed
tower would be the ability to find the _exact_ same replacement tower to
exactly fit over the embedded 1" bolts sticking up through the concrete
base. I don't even want to think about that issue!

I checked with the ARRL tower insurance folks (Risk Strategies Company)
and their limit is only $15K and hence I was told they couldn't insure it.

Since a replacement value on the tower, motorized winch systems, prop
pitch motor, mast and antennae if totaled (plus labor to haul away the
broken pieces and INSTALL all the replacement parts) could cost $50K or
more (for new), I was wondering if any other company insures ham radio


Dick, K0CAT

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