[TowerTalk] Source for Large Adjustment Nut

Patrick Barkey n9rvee at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 17:11:13 EDT 2018

I have a chain drive for my big rotating tower that was built by K8RR
(SK).  It has a torque limiter that allows the tower to slip in high winds
to protect the rotor and linkage.  The problem is that the adjustment nut
for this limiter (similar to a clutch) has rusted solid and I can't adjust
the tension anymore.

My plan is to cut the nut off and use a new one, but I cannot find a source
to buy the replacement nut.

It looks very similar to this:

But mine is a slightly different thread pattern and size.  I need a 3 1/2
inch nut with 12 tpi.  The fastener places can't find one like that for me.

Does anyone on this list have any ideas where to look?

I can't identify the manufacturer of the torque limiter that I have.

  - Pat

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