[TowerTalk] Torque Limiter

Dave Sublette k4to.dave at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 15:11:08 EDT 2018

The recent thread concerning a rusted nut on a torque limiter caught me
completely off guard.   I have run a 200 foot rotating Rohn 55 with a
Rotating Tower Systems chain drive without a torque limiting device for 28
years without a problem.  I had lots of big antennas, heavy, and not
particularly well balanced weight-wise or aerodynamically.

I have never had to rebuild a rotator or had any damage to chains or

So my question is:

Do you need one for an adequately designed drive system?  I'm not trying to
raise controversy or start a debate.  I am genuinely surprised to learn
that there are such things.

I do know that some folks put large springs on some mast installations that
use smaller rotators.  I have just never heard of a torque limiter on a
rotating tower.  I guess I am naive and a bit lucky to have survived for 28
years without one.  I suppose now that I know about it, it will break.  :-)

So what is everyone using in this department?


Dave, K4TO

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