[TowerTalk] Insurance for my tower??

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 4 16:16:45 EDT 2018

On 4/3/18 2:49 PM, k7lxc--- via TowerTalk wrote:
>>   You can increase your home owner's accessory structure insured amounts.
> $50k for a 20 year old 72' crankup seems excessive.
>      Perhaps but not when you include ALL of the labor to remove the damaged one and install the new one.

No kidding - chopping the old tower into disposable pieces, hauling them 
away, cutting the bolts off flush with the concrete, inspection of the 
concrete, drilling new holes for new bolts, etc.

There's a fair number of labor hours there, and that's not even 
contemplating things like crane/bucket truck rental or climbing time if 
it's not just conveniently laid out flat.

Depending on where you are, just disposing of the scrap might be an 
expensive operation.  It's not too expensive in Ventura county (about 
$30-60/ton, and I'll bet that dead tower is less than a ton), but I have 
heard stories about folks showing up with "mystery metal" (meaning not 
immediately recognizable to the weigh station operator as something like 
rebar or steel beams) and going through all sorts of gyrations.

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