[TowerTalk] Antenna Modeling Services

Grant Saviers grants2 at pacbell.net
Sat Apr 7 20:30:21 EDT 2018

I agree with Wes, you can make a lot of progress with the tool you have 
plus AutoEZ.  The iterating on designs to understand the issues and 
optimize for what you want is very time consuming. Dozens of hours, 
maybe 100s.  More than that for the arrays I modeled and discarded.  At 
skilled engineer consultant rates that's going to be expensive vs an 
commercial antenna or proven handbook design.  If I were such a person 
in a business I'd rather take a fee plus a piece of the action, one 
off's don't sound so attractive IMO.

It will also require an EZNEC/NEC commercial license as a paid 
consultant is a business.  That rules out most if not all folks on 
towertalk (unless a commercial licensee pops up).

Most vertical arrays will model fine without NEC 4.  Once you've got a 
good design, then it might be reasonable to ask around for a free NEC4 
final verification.  There are an infinite number of antenna concepts 
that might work, but really not a huge number that are proven to really 

For perspective, Greg Ordy W8WWV spent a lot of time on one array, see 
Check out his other work and that by W8JI.  My effort at 80m phased 
delta loops never got past extensive modeling because of problems that 
weren't solvable in my situation (by me).

Grant KZ1W

On 4/7/2018 14:15 PM, Wes Stewart wrote:
> Before you shortchange yourself, take a look at Dan's website 
> (ac6la.com) and see some of his work and perhaps consider adding his 
> excellent AutoEZ adjunct to EZNEC and do your own modeling.
> That said, it could be that your designs will require NEC4, ($$$) in 
> which case hiring someone might make sense.  Don't ask me who however.
> Wes  N7WS
> On 4/7/2018 1:05 PM, Dennis W0JX via TowerTalk wrote:
>> I am wondering if anyone knows of someone who does antenna modeling 
>> for a fee. I don't have the knowledge, time, or patience to create a 
>> models of some of the vertical directive arrays that I am 
>> considering. I do have a copy of EZNEC 6.0+ and can do a very basic 
>> vertical, dipoles, and loops but beyond that I'd rather operate and 
>> build antennas than design them.
>> 73, Dennis W0JX
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