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 It depends on how big the dish is. I don't know anything about Exede but a typical direct TV etc is useful for UHF/SHF dx-ing. I have seen them used for typical Mountain Top DX contests, there I believe we are talking mostly line-of-sight, tropo-"bending" and such. If you have, say, a 10 foot dish I guess it may be useful for moon-bunch. I don't think, but I might be wrong, this is something you put up in a tower as the opening angle is rather narrow with following needed precision in aiming.

I have done very little that pertain to SHF just some short distance with typical door openers you find in department-stores. (You can reach rather long distances with those.)

Just some dime from me. Good luck with your dish and tell me what you decided to do.

73 de,

Hans - N2JFS



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Don't know if this is the correct place to post . . . . but

Is there any potential use for a used dish that was once installed for 
Exede satellite internet?

Dan -- N3ND

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