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jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 20 12:34:33 EDT 2018

On 4/20/18 8:59 AM, Brian Beezley wrote:
>> Is anywhere the information how the bent driver works?
> I don't know how it works, Maximo.
> I have been using bent elements to design antennas for the 88-108 FM 
> broadcast band for about ten years. Bent elements can really benefit 
> designs that must have good patterns over a 20% bandwidth. 

It might be because it's more like a fan or bicone - both of which have 
wider SWR bandwidth.

One might compare with a tophat loaded slightly short vertical, as far 
as percentage BW.. I don't have numbers in front of me, and generally 
"short" relative to wavelength means narrower bandwidth, but in this 
case, you're talking about "slightly short"

I got the
> idea from the original Moxon 2-element Yagi, the one that bends driven 
> element and reflector tips at right angles toward each other. I figured 
> the bends just increased the coupling between the two elements without 
> decreasing the distance between their central high-current regions. So I 
>   experimented with other coupling methods I thought might be easier to 
> construct. A bent driven element is particularly easy since the element 
> usually is already split in the middle and all you need to do is angle 
> the mount on each side. Some builders preserve an existing mount with 
> the element straight in the center and bend it a short distance out with 
> a tubing bender. That seems not to degrade the benefit.
> http://ham-radio.com/k6sti/five.htm
> http://ham-radio.com/k6sti/ly.htm
> Brian
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