[TowerTalk] tower collapse in MO

Wayne Kline w3ea at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 20 17:16:23 EDT 2018

Just looking at the 30 pluss pictures  … and not having a  complete  information . a Few thing stuck me off…. The crushed Go Go  man Box  and the yellow  crane that was laying on it’s side !

Was the failure due to a  job site failure ?

The Big TV tower that went down in TX.   ( if my memory serves me ) was a gin pole failure that fell and sheered guy wires on the  way down . killing 7

Wayne W3EA

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Sad to see and hear about.

Looking at the pictures, one guy attach point is completely clean of guy
wires.  And the guy wires do not look good.  The fall was all in one
direction.  Suggesting that something let go on a guy attach point.  While I
don't have experience in looking at these things, is anyone else surprised
that all 3 guy wire attachments are clean from the connection point with no
obvious evidence of deformation or distortion?



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