[TowerTalk] Nested 4-Squares

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Sat Apr 21 06:28:25 EDT 2018

This is all very easy to model, my guess is that it will work fine. If the
160m verticals are shortened they may not even be resonant on 80m.  The
only other option to eliminate interaction would be installing them
hundreds of feet apart and most people do not have that much property.

John KK9A

jimlux wrote:

On 4/20/18 1:59 PM, David Robbins wrote:
> My experience with 40m inside 80m says it is a bad idea.

bad on 40 or bad on 80?

Given the harmonic relationships, there's potential for issues, but it
might be easily solvable with a relay at the base of each element that
opens or shorts as needed.

> Is nesting 4-Square arrays a good idea? By that I mean, for instance, an
> 4-square inside a 160m 4-square. I was about to model this but it occurs to
> me that someone has probably already done this exercise.

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