[TowerTalk] grounding (again)

Tom_N2SR tom_n2sr at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 22 13:33:49 EDT 2018

Because of some new landscaping and the addition of a patio, I have to redo my cable entry into the house/shack.  I have a KF7P box mounted on the outside of the cinder block foundation wall.  It sits over a 2 inch hole which is sleeved with grey PVC to get the cables through the wall (and into the shack).  
I have 2 hardine runs, plus two RG-8 (Davis RF Buryflex) runs, and 6 sprinkler system cable runs from the base of the tower, which will terminate to Polyphasers inside the KF7P box.  In the KF7P box, I have an 0.25" aluminum plate to mount the Polyphasers.   
The shack is on the other side of the foundation wall (from the KF7P box).   
What I am planning to do is to add a 0.25" aluminum plate on the inside (between the studs) in the shack.  The plate will be about 12 inches wide (the KF7P plate is ~ 12 inches  wide)
I want to tie the two plates together with some copper strap.  
Any thoughts on the thickness of the strap?   Georgia Copper has 0.012", 0.022", and 0.032" thickness.   Are there other cheaper places to purchase copper strap?       
My thought is to use 1 inch wide strap, and use as many straps as I can, across the tops of both plates.  Doing that, I'll have to make "flag" folds (triangle) on several of the straps to get them to line up with the 2 inch PVC pipe, but I don't think that will be an issue.  I'm also going to tap holes in each plate to attach the copper strap, and use stainless screws and flat washers.   
Do I need Polyphasers on the plate in the shack?   
Thoughts, suggestions, ideas, please. 
Tom, N2SR

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