[TowerTalk] Rotor and controller choice

Gary Smith Gary at ka1j.com
Wed Aug 15 20:55:54 EDT 2018


Thanks again for all the on & off list 
replies. I looked at the options and 
decided to go with the Green Heron 21D 
controller with the larger readout & an 
Alpha Spid RAK. I thought about the big 
RAK but don't see me needing it for a long 
time, if ever. 

Climbing isn't as easy as it used to be 
(Do need to oil the leather on my climbing 
belt) and I'll most likely be getting a 
motorized tower, likely a pole type tower 
so I can lower the assembly & get to 
whatever work needs done easily. It'll fit 
well on that & if I do get a conventional 
tower, it'll work in that as well with 
plenty of torque. Just ordered a bottom 
mounting plate which was shipped today. 
I'm good to go.

Thanks for the helpful advice.

& totally unrelated... it's been years 
since I had anything but a computer 
generated QSL card. I came across a 
creative artist & the rest is history. I 
have a copy of it near the bottom of my 
QRZ page. It's good to have a fun card for 
a change.



> I prefer and use a pair of the Alfa Spid RAK and Green Heron
> controller combos.    You can jack the supply voltage to the rotator
> up via the controller to increase rotational speed.  Along with that,
> there's ramp up and down, and over rotation.  The rotator uses heavy
> duty automotive axle bearings, and worm gear drive.  No brake is
> required and the rotator holds a heading with no wind rocking
> whatsoever.  There is one thing that's a pain.  The rotator has a deep
> mast socket that employs 8 bolts to lock the mast in place.  If you
> need to remove or install the rotator with a heavy load in place, you
> need to (usually) jack the mast up high enough to clear the mast
> socket.  There is no open side like on the bell rotators.  The upside
> to this is that I've never had a mast slip. Tom Hybiske, K3GM
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