[TowerTalk] S21 to Rp & Cp - Equivalent Circuit

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 12 16:08:03 EST 2018

On 1/12/18 12:36 PM, Máximo EA1DDO_HK1H wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> I agree, the VWNA is at this time best VNA option up to 1 Ghz for bench use (with computer).
> The reason I don´t have a VWNA is because I need a VNA to use it in the field as well, with no computer.
> I like to sit on the soil, or on the roof, and test the antenna. In that situations a self-capable VNA is needed and Anritsu is very reliable (high dynamic range and robust to in the band interference).

the Keysight/Agilent FieldFox is also a wonderful piece of gear, 
comparable to the Anritsu.  I've used both, and it's nice to be standing 
on a roof (either in blazing sun, or pouring rain) with a self contained 
instrument that has a fair amount of capability.

I've not hung one off a tower, but I know someone that has dropped a 
Fieldfox from some height, and it survived ok. I think the Anritsu would 
be the same.

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