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I forgot to mention: After you put the rebar gage into the hole, you can
hammer some rebar stakes into the ground near each corner of the hole. Tie a
piece of binding wire to each corner of the rebar cage and run it to the
rebar stakes on each corner. Properly align the cage and tie off to the
rebar stakes in the ground. Once you have the hole about 3/4 full of
concrete, remove the binding wire and finish the pour. The cage will go
nowhere once the concrete holds it in place. I used my phone on the previous
reply, so I apologize for the auto corrections / typos....

Good luck with your project.

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I'm in the process of assembling the rebar cage for the foundation of my
antenna tower. I have all the pieces wired together but the end product
seems kinda wobblie. Is this normal? I worried about it staying straight
after it put into the hole and when the concrete is poured.

- 73 -
- Joe W6JWP

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