[TowerTalk] Rebar Cages

Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
Sun Jan 14 14:39:13 EST 2018

If you are just tacking the rebar and not depending on the strength of 
the weld for anything but holding the cage together during the pour 
there is not much danger of a problem.  The tacking should only be done 
at the ends of the rebar pieces.

I wear Nomex underwear when I'm violating some self appointed guru's 
rules via my post.

Patrick        NJ5G

On 1/14/2018 12:23 PM, Byron Tatum wrote:
>   Just for additional Info-   Pics of my rebar cages (QRZ.com under W5FH). Had stirrups (4' long x 18" high) bent up at rebar supply company. They cut up the many 5' pieces of 3/4" rebar to go across to make my 5' x 4' x 18" tall rebar cages. And I know I will start an avalanche of "you aint supposed to do that!" remarks but I tack welded my rebar cages together so I can half-way handle them to get them into the holes.   Byron W5FH
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