[TowerTalk] Re Balun for older Cushcraft 402D

John Birken k2sfs73 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 03:32:40 EST 2018

I normally hang my Balun Designs down and perpendicular to the boom.

Call or e-mail on Balun design's website www.balundesigns.com
I just look at my 7 el Mosley instructions.It has 12 winds coax taped and
hanging from the boom. The competent guy I bought the antenna from replaced
the 12 turns whith
hanging ferrite cores. zjudt likr hanging s Balun design vertically. All my
80 and 40 meters wires have balun design balance.

Very reliable.

John, K2SFS

I want to replace the 12 turn coax balun and coax on my older Cushcraft 2
el 40.  Has anyone used the balun from the later XM-240?  I don't see a
rating on it and might look for a 4 or 5KW balun (1 to 1).  Anyone used
another balun successfully on the beam?  If so I am looking for one with
wires to hook to the driven element center and has a coax connector on the
side that goes to the shack. I also need to know how it is held on the boom.
I plan on using tape to hold the balun on top of the boom.

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