[TowerTalk] Soldering Aluminum

Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
Mon Jan 22 10:23:34 EST 2018

Wish I had better info for you but oh well...  I watched a demo at a 
swap meet years ago. A guy was selling alloy rods About 1/8 inch in 
diameter about a foot long.  Using a regular propane torch (not special 
high temp gas) he repaired holes he had punched in an aluminum soda can. 
He "soldered" several things together without using any separate flux.  
He made it look easy and the repairs looked quite good.  I think maybe 
there was something in the rods that acted like a flux. I bought some 
but never had the occasion to repair any soda cans and don't know where 
(25-30 years later) they are.

Maybe someone else has more definite info on those rods.

Have you seen this?  https://www.wikihow.com/Solder-Aluminum

Patrick        NJ5G

On 1/22/2018 8:51 AM, Wilson Lamb wrote:
> Well, there ARE aluminum towers....
> I'm looking at potential uses of aluminum wire for antennae, radials, etc. and I think I saw some wisdom here regarding Al soldering.
> Does anyone have advice?  There are several products available, flux, solder, but they get mixed reviews, ranging from great to terrible for the same stuff sometimes!
> I'd sure appreciate some real experience!
> Wilson
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