[TowerTalk] Wires in trees

Steve Boone w7wm.boone at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 01:24:59 EST 2018

This is a topic that I have never seen addressed and Google has not
revealed any similar situations:

I am installing a quarter wave, 160m inverted-L between a 40' Ponderosa
Pine and my tower. The first 30' of the antenna will run parallel to the
tree trunk and through the branches. I am using copper coated wire for the
element. I have four elevated radials at the 10' level.

My concern is whether I need to worry about contact between the wire and
the tree. With the very low humidity that we get during Colorado summers, I
am wondering if there is a fire danger here.

I will be running a 1.5 kW.


-Steve, W7WM

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