[TowerTalk] Beverage on Ground: 50 ohm or 75 ohm system?

Richard Thorne rthorne at rthorne.net
Wed Jan 24 07:47:17 EST 2018

I'm working on installing my first 160 receive array.

I don't have room for traditional beverages.  Ground mounted receive 
loops like the K9AY array will not be a good solution as I have a large 
deer population that would end up tearing it down.  We had an 8 point 
buck with xmas lights hanging off his antlers so I don't think loops 
would survive

As I go through the design I'm trying to determine if I should use a 75 
ohm system (the most common due to cheap rg-6 coax I suppose) or a 50 
ohm system.  I have plenty of rg-8x coax laying around and I could use a 
remote coax switch to get all of the signals (4) from two reversible 
Beverage on Ground (BOG) arrays.  I would prefer to bring in a single 
coax to the shack vs 4 separate lines.

Will a 50 ohm system play well with the available pre-amps.  All of the 
pre-amps I have found have F-connectors which leads me to believe they 
are setup for 75 ohms.  If I go with RG-8x/50ohm matching transformers 
do I need to consider a 50 to 75 ohm transformer before going into the 

What about the output of the pre-amp into the 50 ohm input of the receiver?

Thanks in advance.

Rich - N5ZC

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