[TowerTalk] Used tower install

southbound suarez southboundsuarez at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 28 02:21:37 EST 2018

Hey Tower Talk guys,
Just wanted to thank the list and everyone for their encouragement. The wealth of information, sound advice and experience really helped me make sound and informed judgements in fulfilling the task of erecting my tower and yagi antenna safely with reasonable expense. I now realize that there really isnt a free ride and even the best deal on a used tower isn't without substantial investment. I started with a killer deal on a TH7DX last March and after looking at several "free" for the taking towers, found a W-51package deal through a local tower erector that I hired to remove and deliver. I recieved it last May . My job and other responsibilities didnt allow for me to commit as much time and attention as I had initially wished. As time progressed I took a less hastily demeanor and progressed piecemeal working a little bit here and there.
The easiest task was by far digging the perfect 3-1/2×3-1/2×7 deep hole in hardest of hardpan soil.... from there the tasks increased in difficulty!

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