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     I can offer a solution for one of your issues.  If you can fit it in, instead of a 90-degree elbow, install a pullbox.  That'll give you sufficient room to pull the cable into the box then make the turn inside the box and continue on to the tower.  

     Good luck with the project.

73 de
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I’m finalizing my list of what’s needed for my tower projectand what needs to be done either before or after the tower is up.
Routing of 4 coax and rotor cable has to be decided. Eithertrench approx. 125 ft from base of tower to house entry point where there’s asharp 90 degree turn from behind the detached garage where the tower will be for20ft, the sharp angle then straight to house entry point 105ft away.
Potential trouble with this route 1): 90 degree turn asmentioned and because the neighbor’s property line is so close I can’t make ita sweeping turn.
2) Garage gutters run into n in ground PVC storm drain pipethat runs towards the front of house in the same direction as coax and cablewould run. We’re not sure yet where this drain system is located but trenchingfor Coax/cable PVC could become an issue.
3) Tree roots from an oak and maple tree are in the pathabout 35 to 40ft from the 90 degree turn.
I suggested one option that was shot down by a few and thatis run coax and cable off tower through the length of garage (38ft) and exitopposite side of garage then trench and bury thru PVC for about 50ft.
Any problems in routing thru garage?
Also, will regular 3” PVC piping be OK? The gray electricalgrade would be nice, and expensive.
Should the PVC with drain holes be the right selection?
Buy solid PVC and drill my own drain holes in it?
Advice would be appreciated.

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