[TowerTalk] Looking for a Force 12 EF-140 40m rotatable

Jim Thomson jim.thom at telus.net
Tue Jan 30 11:47:36 EST 2018

Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2018 20:50:20 -0500
From: <ericrosenberg.dc at gmail.com>
To: <towertalk at contesting.com>
Subject: [TowerTalk] Looking for a Force 12 EF-140 40m rotatable
dipole add-on

<I'm looking for a Force 12 EF-140, the 40m rotatable dipole add-on for my
<(20 year old?) C3-SS.


<Anyone have one they no longer need or have lying around in the backyard or


<Email me direct if you have one available. 


<Thanks & 73,

<Eric W3DQ 

##  I have 2 of them, never used.  But mine are 44 foot long types, and used alumoweld
wires for the linear loading portion.   The original 3 el 40m array used a one off mounting scheme
for the DE.  The DE was mounted on the mast...3-7 foot above the boom.   I sold the DE a while
back, but still have the REF+  DIR, etc.   All 3 els  were 44 ft long.  The shorting wire on the LL
assy, determined  the resonant freq  of each of the 3 els.   They are tunable from well below 7 mhz, 
to  above  7.5 mhz.   12 lbs per ele.  Triple walled in the center, very thick,  like .175 inch thick, then double walled,
then  single wall.   Each ele is 1.5 sq ft.  

Jim   VE7RF

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