[TowerTalk] Pulling coax through PVC pipe

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Tue Jan 30 19:03:50 EST 2018

Does section 300 apply to low voltage wiring? I was under the impression that below 30 volts(?) the NEC was pretty much silent till the new 400 section(s)

73 de KG2V

> On Jan 30, 2018, at 2:33 PM, Shane Youhouse <kd6vxi at gmail.com> wrote:
> I wouldn't be so quick to run ANY romex through PVC when it's buried.  It's
> against code.
> Article 300 of the NEC states any buried pipe is considered a wet location.
> *300.5 Underground Installations.*
> *(B) Wet Locations.* The interior of enclosures or raceways installed
> underground shall be considered to be a wet location. Insulated conductors
> and cables installed in these enclosures or raceways in underground
> installations shall be listed for use in wet locations and shall comply
> with 310.10(C). Any connections or splices in an underground installation
> shall be approved for wet locations.
> Then, article 334 implicitly states you may NOT use romex (NM) in damp
> locations.
> *334.12 Uses Not Permitted.*
> *(B) Types NM and NMS*. Types NM and NMS cables shall not be used under the
> following conditions or in the following locations:
> (4) In wet or damp locations
> As such, you are MUCH better off running single runs of wire in addition to
> a heavy ground to keep SPG intact
> There are a LOT more rules regarding NM style wiring, but this is the gist.
> Also, it's not always wrong to mix 120 volt and low voltage.  As long as
> you use THHN or other 600 volt insulation and all wiring is class 1, you're
> OK.
> --Shane
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