[TowerTalk] RG213 coax source?

Jeff DePolo jd0 at broadsci.com
Wed Jan 31 12:04:14 EST 2018

> Looking for a good source for quality coax for a new tower 
> installation.
> 1000' roll.

If you want "the good stuff", Belden or Times would be your best bet.

We had a contract job a while back that required several thousand feet of
RG-213.  Most of the cable runs were indoors.  We used JefaTech RG-213 which
seemed to be OK, but since it's only been a few years I can't comment on its
longevity.  As I recall it was around half the price of Belden at the time.
There are probably a few partial reels laying around here somewhere if
someone wants to sample a few feet to inspect before buying a reel's worth
(free, just cover postage).

				--- Jeff WN3A

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