[TowerTalk] Install Type N connector to 1/2" Smoothwall

Rick Wheeler info at omalley.com
Tue Jan 30 20:31:40 EST 2018

It is smoothwall but the description from Tessco was this:


CommScope - 1/2" HELIAX Superflexible Smoothwall Aluminum
TESSCO SKU: 473138
UPC: 646444731386
MFG Part #: SFX-500
The Andrew SFX-500 1/2 inch superflex heliax coaxial cable features a smooth-wall aluminum outer conductor. This 50 Ohm coax cable has a closed micro-cell foam dielectric and copper-clad center conductor.

They describe it as heliax but it is smoothwall. It has good specs; .529 db loss at 30 MHz/100 ft. You find the tech specs at Tessco's website searching sku No. 473138. Still don't know where the 'Superflexible' term came into play. It's stiff!

After studying how the compression tool works (JMA has a Youtube video about installing their connectors), I believe I may be able to make two dies from 1/4" plate steel or so on my mill. With these dies I could put the N connector with the cable screwed in after it is prepped properly  (that's what is done before the compression step) and put the dies with the N connector inside and place all that into a hydraulic press. Would be definitely more cumbersome and slower than the nice Rigid tool gun but I think it would get the job done.

Think that would work?

Rick Wheeler


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Do you have Heliax or smoothwall cable? Heliax has a corrugated shield.

There's no reasonable way to install JMA/PPC compression connectors
without the Ridgid compression tool set, which is around $4k. If I were
you I'd obtain Andrew/Commscope connectors for your cable, which can be
installed with regular cheap tools.

Let me know what the cable model# is, I may have what you need for

-Steve K8LX

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