[TowerTalk] Bryan Texas - Avoid Leslie Jones KE5AQT

W1JCW John W1JCW at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 9 14:46:22 EDT 2018

Had a local recommendation from two hams in the Bryan Texas area for this guy. Turns out the guy doesn’t want to work, has major issues and is not dependable.

Then the guy wants to rush the job when he needs to money. I’ve been patient for three months! He didn’t even have gas money a few times after he started the job.
Gave the guy the benefit of the doubt trying to send work his way and other work after the tower installation.

After three months I requested he mount the thrust plate and insert the mast on the ground before he raised the section.
He said all he wanted to do was stack tower so he could get paid. His biggest mistake was not listening to the person writing the check.

Guy acted as if I wanted my antennas installed which is outside the contract he wrote.

He calls me back and says he’s done and was leaving the site.

So much for trying to help someone out. This guy is a real flake, don’t trust him.

Have a contract and he has NOT been paid for installation but kept wanting me to pay for things he was to provide in his words “ Turn Key Solution”
Many of you are familiar with the term scope creep, well this guy was all over the place. Expected me to pay for an auger, the guy posts when it clearly states he is
to provide these in the contract then backs outs when and says “ if I could get them out of the ground” The contract has no indication of such.
Then wanted $300 extra for setting the steel I purchased for guy posts that he was to provide also per contact.

The guy lives in Greenwood Texas.

A real shame he could not do what he wrote up and make some money. Most of you know how it is dealing with contractors even ones who come recommended.


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