[TowerTalk] Safe Sealers with Coax through Nylon bushings

Mike & Becca Krzystyniak k9mk at flash.net
Sun Jul 15 13:07:47 EDT 2018

Greetings Towertalk Sages...

    I just dropped a half dozen coax runs from the shack, through the attic into a chase in a covered walkway, out to the outside back wall of the detached garage where the antenna grounding box/panel is located.

    The coax drops through the ceiling drywall via simple drywall nylon cable bushings (not the gland type).
    Future proofing I oversized the bushing so I could upsize to the next larger cable if I wanted too.
    But that leaves a proportionally sized gap.

    Around here we have those little critters we affectionately call scorpions.  
    They fit through some of the smallest cracks.
    I was thinking about some expanding foam on the top side of the drywall, or maybe some type of caulking or ???

    My question is, as I have a mix of Times LMR-400 and LMR-600, and 600UF, are all these sealing products safe to use with these types of coax?  
    I'm worried about the chemicals in the sealant or reactions from the foaming compromising or attacking the jacket, or worse.

    Anyone have knowledge on this?  Or good/bad experiences??

Thanks in advance.

73's  Mike K9MK

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