[TowerTalk] 5 Band Yagi with more than 2 elements per band

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Wed Jul 25 08:45:47 EDT 2018

9 el. http://optibeam.net/index.php?article_id=79&clang=1

11 el. http://optibeam.net/index.php?article_id=80&clang=1

16 el. http://optibeam.net/index.php?article_id=81&clang=1<http://optibeam.net/index.php?article_id=81&clang=1> <http://foro.ea1ddo.es/>

73, Maximo

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Asunto: [TowerTalk] 5 Band Yagi with more than 2 elements per band

I'm looking for a 5 band yagi (10,12,15,17 &20 meters) that has more
gain than the 2 element per band designs.  I prefer no traps.

Steppir is not an option as I will use the antenna on two bands for so2r
via a triplexer.

F12 used to make a 5BA, I'm not sure if JK has built one as it's not
listed on their website.



Rich - N5ZC

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