[TowerTalk] Antenna Analyzers

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Thu Jun 6 17:39:14 EDT 2019

You need the driver, download from SDRKits.  There are some details of 
the installation that I don't remember. Ask them for help if you need 
it. They are very responsive.

You also need the VNWA software, also download and install that. Then 
within that software, you have to go on one the setup menus and set it 
to control the FA-VA5. By default, it's looking for a VNWA.

There's a yahoo group, and both SDRKits and DG8SAQ read it regularly 
(although not as often as the guys at Elecraft).

73, Jim K9YC

On 6/6/2019 2:11 PM, Dave Sublette wrote:
> I have the FA-VA5 and love it.  But I haven't been able to get my 
> computer to talk to it.  I haven 't had a lot of time to fool with it, 
> but have got as far to find out the baud rate has to be 110K or so.  
> It still doesn't work, but I'm thinking it is something in the setup 
> of the port.

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