[TowerTalk] Guy wire lower than other two

Tony Brock-Fisher barockteer at aol.com
Thu Jun 6 21:08:59 EDT 2019

Not exactly sure what you mean by 'one of the guys is 15 feet lower than 
the other two', but will give an example:

I have 78' Rohn 45. Rohn docs called for two sets of guys with anchors 
at 56' from the base. My property line forced one of the guy anchors to 
be closer, like 30' from the base. In working with a Professional 
Engineer, the following changes were made:

-Increase from two sets of guys to three.

-Increase the guy wire from 1/4" EHS to 5/16" EHS on the short guy.

-Increase the guy anchor base one size from the 4A to 4B design.

The engineer signed off on this and it has served well for many years.

-Tony, K1KP

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