[TowerTalk] Mounting 1.25 stinger in 3" tubing?

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Sat Jun 8 12:22:15 EDT 2019

Ø2 3/4 aluminum rod is pretty available.   Here is a 4" long piece:

It's easy to drill a Ø1 1/4 hole through it if you have the right equipment.

John KK9A

Jeff Blaine AC0C wrote:

I'm rebuilding my 40m 4-sq verts and have some 15' lengths of 3" OD/
2.75 ID tubing to use on the base end.  And for the "stinger" end, I
have some tapered elements off an old yagi that are 1.25" OD on the
bottom of the 17' length.

Other than buying some concentric lengths of aluminum to step from the
1.25 OD stinger up to the 2.75 ID base tubing, any good ideas of an
interposer that would take up some of the space?


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