[TowerTalk] 4O3A Rotor Genius - Has anyone installed one?

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Wed Jun 12 07:40:08 EDT 2019

The Rotor Genius is an interesting concept but I wonder how well the  
magnetic compass works around all of the metal on a tower. I have not  
seen a review of this product.

There are numerous TIC designs and they are mounted in various  
climates so potentiometer life can very depending on the installation.  
I have five very old TIC rings installed at my NC home and I have  
replaced two pots in the last ten years.  It is important to make  
every effort possible to keep moisture out which is not easy since the  
motors and indicators are designed with the shaft pointing upward.  
When I had these same TIC Ring Rotators in IL I had more frequent  
issues with them due to moisture freezing inside the potentiometer.  I  
also protect my rotators from lightning damage using MOVs. I had one  
TIC ring rotator in corrosive Aruba for five years and never had an  

John KK9A

Richard Thorne N5ZC wrote:

I'm interested in the Rotor Genius for a new tower project which will
have two rotors.  An Orion and a Tic Ring.

I think the advantage to using the RG with the TIC is not needing the
POT to determine direction.

Has anyone installed a rotor genius, results?


Rich - N5ZC

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