[TowerTalk] mystery tower

Steve Maki lists at oakcom.org
Thu Jun 13 07:18:34 EDT 2019

I believe you have it figured out. Rohn 35 (as it was commonly called) 
had the Z braces reversed, and it always bothered me a little because 
when I climb I like to grab the diagonal of the opposing right face with 
my right hand. I couldn't climb that way with Rohn 35.

-Steve K8LX

On 06/12/19 23:33 PM, John Keating wrote:

> I thought I had this figured out, but maybe not.
> My tower has the same dimensions as the Rohn HW (the "Motorola Contract
> Tower"), except that the cross bracing goes in the opposite direction.
> A fellow list member said his drawing of the HW shows bracing in the
> "backwards Z" configuration, just like the 25 and 45.
> Mine is in the "forward Z" direction. Does anyone recognize that design?
> 73, John / AI6LY

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