[TowerTalk] US Towers HDX 572 MDPL Raising/Lowering Motor

David Needham aa4vt.dave at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 16:16:39 EDT 2019

I was asked to share what I had learned. Here is what I put together. The
motor’s requirements are:

Capacitor start, 1 HP, 1725 RPM,115/208-230 VAC, 13.4/6.8-6.7 amps AC,
single phase, NEMA Frame 56H, Enclosure TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled),
Rotation CW/CCW (reversible)

I relearned something from my days working in industrial plants that the
model numbers of motors change often, so not all models offered up were
currently available. My top three choices ended up being:

1.     Marathon Electric Farm Motor 5KC49TN0034X from Zoro.com, It cost
$310.35 with free shipping, tax $27.92, Total $338.27

2.     Dayton 1K065BB from Grainger.com. Cost $389.98 plus tax plus

3.     68288, Smith & Jones from Harbor Freight. Cost $164.99 plus $6.99
for $171.98 total.

I bought #1. Similar Marathon motors were recommended by several. It looks
to be of good quality. I liked the power connection junction box over my
current one that is rusted out.

#2 was recommended to me as the exact replacement for what US Towers
provided. I am sure it is excellent. It looked to have the same junction
box as my current one. I just opted to save the $100.00

#3 met the specifications and was certainly the least expensive, but was
not in stock at my local Harbor Freight to look at. It may be perfectly
okay, but I worried about the quality for that price.

There were others I found when filtering by the specs with the online
websites. One Dayton motor was less expensive, but had a cradle mount I was
concerned would trap water and rust out. Another was a Capacitor Start,
Capacitor Run motor that was also less expensive. May have been just fine,
but every one of the others was only Cap start, so I figured one less
failure point.

The only real issue with my current one is the junction box is 30% rusted
away. If I can make of find a suitable replacement, I will keep it as a

Andy, NC4AB is going to send me a picture of his rain shield. Andy, maybe
you post it to the whole group when you get a chance.

Thanks again for the great response.
Thank you!
David Needham, AA4VT (formerly K4AJA and K8AJA)

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