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Bryan Fields Bryan at bryanfields.net
Thu Jun 27 03:46:15 EDT 2019

On 6/26/19 2:58 PM, N4ZR wrote:
> Yup, I remember when you would get chastised for raising non-contest 
> topics on contesting.com - so we had to resort to asking about 
> "contesting towers" "and contesting antennas"

I simply can't think of a more worthless pursuit in ham radio than contesting.
 Even showed up to field day to get a 5.9 GHz radio link going, and found out
they can't count it as a "contact" for points.  But hey, we got ARRL
"radiograms", half the length of a tweet and twice as pointless!

I've been involved in a few towers going up one even for ham radio, and I
think the lowest we ever made it was a 52 MHz remote receiver for an repeater
input.  I'd love to ask that; "I have a question about my contesting
propagation beacon that has a repeat function too", lolz.

Bryan Fields

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