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Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Thu Jun 27 15:04:57 EDT 2019

WOW-not cool Bryan (whatever your callsign is) Bryan at bryanfields.net


I'd like to think that Ham Radio has enough avenues to keep most everyone
happy. I've tried a good portion of them myself.

Although I will not go around pretending to understand how some folks find
certain aspects of the hobby interesting or satisfying, I certainly don't
think they are worthless.  Certainly they are worthy TO THEM.

(and good on them for it, actually)




Mike VE9AA ..contester, dxer, HF mobiler, Towertalk reflector learner ,CWer,
VHFer, antenna builder ,QRPer, etc..


I simply can't think of a more worthless pursuit in ham radio than

Even showed up to field day to get a 5.9 GHz radio link going, and found out

they can't count it as a "contact" for points.  But hey, we got ARRL

"radiograms", half the length of a tweet and twice as pointless!


I've been involved in a few towers going up one even for ham radio, and I

think the lowest we ever made it was a 52 MHz remote receiver for an

input.  I'd love to ask that; "I have a question about my contesting

propagation beacon that has a repeat function too", lolz.




Bryan Fields


727-409-1194 - Voice



Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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