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>>    It's an enormous amount of work to write and edit a book, and short of
> doing it as a labor of love, one would need to be paid.  How much would the average TTer be willing to fork out for a book like that, and how many TTers would actually sign up to buy it?
>>    That makes a 100 page book about 6 month's full time work - if you wanted to be paid $50/hr (which is at the low end for a technical professional, esp without benefits), that's $50k - you'd have to sell thousands of copies to make it "worthwhile" in a financial sense (if you self publish, you might get $5 or $10/copy)
> Hiya, Jim --
>      Whew. Good thing I didn't know that when I started it - hi! 

No kidding...

It took me NINE YEARS to write UP THE TOWER. Of course there was a 
divorce in there and some other speed bumps along the way to slow things 
down but it did get done. Tnx to everyone who has bought a copy!
>      For those of you looking at the ARRL/K4ZA tower book, two things. While Don is a journeyman tower installer and the book does cover the right subjects, some topics in his book that he devotes 2 paragraphs to, I have whole chapters. And the most criminal thing is that his book has NO INDEX. How are you supposed to find anything with no index? My criticism isn't aimed at Don but the editors at the League. Ok, I'm done.
> Cheers,Steve     K7LXC
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