[TowerTalk] Wire Rope/cable specs for UST TRX-80HD

Lou Laderman lladerman at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 28 12:19:24 EDT 2019

I need to replace the wire rope/cable on my UST TRX-80HD, which I use with
an HDX-555. The cable got bent (long story) and I’m concerned that it’s
structural integrity has been compromised. Better safe than sorry.

Does anyone know the specs for the rope? It’s ¼” and believe it’s galvanized
(vs stainless), but I don’t know the length (absent pulling and measuring
it), strength to look for (if there is such a spec) or anything else to look
for in a replacement. I called UST but they won’t release any information
about it. I can order a replacement kit but aside from the expense, there’s
at least an 8 week lead time. Any guidance would be appreciated. 


73, Lou, W0FK



Lou Laderman, W0FK

St. Louis, MO


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