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Sun Jun 30 13:06:33 EDT 2019

>  1. Is a crank up out of the question, given the location? Not sure how to get it up a sandy/loose dirt hillside. I hear some will not climb crank ups, afraid of guillotine effect... I don?t think I would have room to do a tilt over.
Hiya, Ken -
    Sure, a crank-up would probably work. If you use 2x4's or some pipes thru the tower faces as safety rigging, it'd be safe enough that I'd climb it.

>  2. Guyed or unguyed? Is the primary consideration the cost difference? Looking at Rohn 65G 65SS050 as it says it can handle 29.3 sq ft antenna at 70mph & 19.7 sq ft ant at 80mph, 14.5 sq ft at 90mph. DB-18E is 12.1 sq ft. The antenna/tower location is on one side of a saddle point and winter winds come whipping in sometimes during storms.

    Yes, you get big venturi forces on a hillside so you're well advised to be conservative with your project.

    I didn't see what height you were shooting for. Cost-wise you're probably in the same ballpark for either guyed or self-supporting. A crank-up will be seriously downrated compared to R65 or even R45.
>  Given the tight space, hauling the antenna straight up next to the tower without having to wig-wag or use a rather tight tram-line, not having guys seems an advantage.
    There you go.

>  3. Am going into the county offices on Tuesday on another matter, and thought perhaps I would begin investigating the Antenna Structure Permitting process. Advice? How prepared in advance should I be?
    Yes - re-read the two chapters on regulations and DO NOT talk to anyone until you've familiarized yourself with the pertinent codes and rules. If you do, you'll probably know more than the person you're talking to.

    In light of the serious problems with tower permitting in Santa Cruz County, I wouldn't talk to anyone. It sounds like any tower you put up would be pretty hidden in the trees and ignored by neighbors and county officials.

>  4. There?s a lot of additional safety equipment, tools, parts, etc. that goes along with this erection process. Am I better off finding a company to do this for me? I?m pretty handy, and also like climbing, I?ve done indoor rock climbing for many years - I just figured that improving / maintaining / fiddling with things would be non-stop once it was erected.
    Your installation has some built-in problems that a professional will have answers and options for. Plus, as you mentioned above, they'll have all of the equipment required already.

>  5. What am I likely overlooking?
    Sounds like you're headed in the right direction. Keep reading and post specific question to TT. And I would suggest limiting a post to one or two questions. Trying to cover everything in one email just makes things more cumbersome.

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