[TowerTalk] Wire antenna?

Ron W8RJL youngron at verizon.net
Sun Jun 30 20:05:00 EDT 2019

N6BT's WAC must have been at the peak of Solar Cycle 19 ;-)
I remember working thousands of miles on a clip lead back then.
Remind me to show you my antique model D100 Ohmite Dummy Antenna Resistor 
which is nothing more than a special light bulb with mica supported 
filament. Specs of 72 ohms, 100 watts. Pat. Pend.
The Model 100 glass envelope is global in shape. I also have a Model 250 
which has more of a big glass cucumber shape.

73, W8RJL

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> This is one of those dumb ideas that can be fed to those who think an 
> antenna "works" if the SWR is low. "Works" is better defined as plots of 
> field strength vs angle, COMPARED to a known good antenna like a dipole, 
> AND by its noise rejection properties. Many years ago, N6BT famously said 
> "Everything 'works'" and proceeded to prove it by working all continents 
> on a light bulb.
> 73, Jim K9YC
> On 6/30/2019 2:26 PM, David Gilbert wrote:
>> The EFHW-8010 gets rave reviews, but I'm fundamentally suspicious of any 
>> antenna that covers that wide a range without tuning. There have to be 
>> losses somewhere to get that.
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