[TowerTalk] Recommendation for Rope Supplier Re: TowerTalk Digest, Vol 216, Issue 6

Steven Katz stevek at jmr.com
Mon Dec 7 13:26:58 EST 2020

I get this rope directly from the manufacturer, Synthetic Textiles Inc. in Anaheim, CA.

Been using a lot of it since 1993, when it was first introduced.

As it reads on their website, 

"STI's Double-braided Polyester Antenna Support Rope was originally developed and manufactured at the constant urging of a local Ham radio operator. His years of expertise in amateur radio equipment, combined with ours in braiding various fiber, inspired the development of this special double-braided rope to fit the needs of amateur radio operators.

 "STI's Double-braided Polyester ropes are not weakened by decay or mildew and provide excellent resistance to abrasion. The color sealed black polyester yarn used in the braided jacket also protects the cord from ultra-violet light."

I urged them to make this rope available to the "ham radio antenna installer" market in 1993, back when they were two women running the shop in Ventura, CA and bought five 1000' spools of each size offered.  They've since relocated to Anaheim, but I believe the rope is the same.


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Hi Mike,  My firm sells a variety of Dacron (aka Polyester) double braid rope which is resistant to UV, rot, mildew and abrasion.  MADE IN USA.

Our rope is less expensive than other ham dealers, but is high quality, made in USA, and stronger size vs. size of other dealers.  We have many types/sizes/constructions of other types which we sell to numerous industries, military, etc. We give the same low wholesale prices to our fellow hams.

Please contact me directly for pricing.  We sell a lot to hams for hanging wire dipoles, masts, small towers, etc.

  73,  Steve  K1PEK    DavisRopeAndCable.com   (not to be confused with our affiliate DAVIS RF Co., a separate entity and location, which I am the founder and also fully involved with.)

NOTE: The tel # on our website is incorrect and the web hosting co. has to fix it.  The correct #  is  978  618  0496

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 I am looking for 200ft of black (or other color) Dacron line for suspending some dipoles. Any recommended sources (w/ good pricing) out there?  Also
need ONE just one, 502 guy wire insulator.   - Mike

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