[TowerTalk] Tail twister rebuild by MFJ

Kirk Kleinschmidt sohosources at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 14 18:14:34 EST 2020

I rebuilt my 1979 T2X myself after watching three youtube videos and reading several online articles. I was afraid, but it turned out that I shouldn't have been. :)

The 3/8-inch bearings are available from amazon, ebay, and Hy-Gain (mine were fine, but I didn't know that until I opened it up).
The user manual, which includes some useful rebuild info,is downloadable.
The plastic bearing retainers are available from Hy-Gain (mine were fine, so I reused them).The mounting bolts were available from my local Fastenall.I used Lubriplate Low-Temp grease, good to -40F, which outta handle MN winters, which was available from a jobber down the street.I used DeOxit FaderLube and Stabilant 22 to clean and rejuvinate the positioning pot (on hand). I also used these to clean the control unit's pots and switches.My unit's ring gear is missing half of one tooth, but it hasn't been an issue turning a lightweight hexagonal beam. The ring gear is available from Hy-Gain and other service outlets.

My T2X, purchased used, came with a new screw terminal plate (available from Hy-Gain, but it turned out that my terminals cleaned up nicely. Replacing this plate would have been the scariest task of the entire rebuild, had it been necessary.
All replacement parts are available from Hy-Gain, the unfortunately named but otherwise fantastic Norm's Rotor Service (does he work on helicopters I wonder?), and elsewhere.
Most internal parts for all of the Ham-x series rotators are identical and can usually be swapped around. These are essentially the same rotators, with the T2X having a third set of bearings and a slightly different housing.

If you don't want to dig in yourself, I would use one of the aforementioned independent rebuilders before I sent my rotator to MFJ. YMMV.
Best of luck,
Kirk, NT0Z

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    On Monday, December 14, 2020, 2:31:29 PM CST, K9MA <k9ma at sdellington.us> wrote:  
 I bought a rebuilt T2X from W7KD last year. It was in great shape. I 
think he also does repairs. You might also check with N4TB.

Scott K9MA

On 12/14/2020 12:42 PM, Mike Krzystyniak wrote:
>  Bob  W5FKN does rebuilds on tailtwisters (and most of the hygain rotors).
>      On Monday, December 14, 2020, 12:08:13 PM CST, Darius via TowerTalk <towertalk at contesting.com> wrote:
> Has anyone sent theirs to MFJ for a refurbish? I got one off a tower up
> since the '70's. It works but I have no history on it. The electrical
> connector plate is very rusted, surprised it even still made contact
> really. Any way, just wondering if anyone has gone this route and how
> the service was, more importantly, did the unit work and stay working
> once you got it back! Thanks for your time and feedback.
> Darius
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Scott  K9MA

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